Home Office Glow Up: Part 1

The Before

Boring, isn’t it? This is the before picture of our home office. Previously, this room was used for virtual teaching in the early mornings. Back in November of 2021, I closed up my virtual classroom due to new regulations being passed in China that prevented foreign teachers from teaching Chinese students online. I took my educational backdrops and posters down and stored all of my props in the attic. My husband and I looked around the very bare room and decided it needed some attention.

We both wanted a space in which we could work. I found an inspiration picture on Pinterest that really spoke to my style. The first thing we chose to change was the light fixture. We were walking around Ikea when we spotted the perfect chandelier.

We also purchased two drawer units from Ikea to begin our vision for a T shaped desk.

Alex Drawer Units

I really like the color of these drawer units and the storage they provide. We also purchased some iron legs from Amazon to attach to the eventual desktop. My husband and I got a few quotes from various local contractors for the wooden desktop. We also knew we wanted to shiplap one wall in the office. The quotes we received were quite high for some carpentry work we figured we could do ourselves. So, we made the decision to shiplap the wall and purchase two butcher block countertops from Lowe’s. While waiting for the countertops to be delivered, we started on the wall.

We used 7 1/4″ primed pine shiplap from Home Depot. I marked the studs on the wall using our Stud Buddy. We were lucky to have a friend help with the shiplap process. Using our air compressor, we nailed the boards to the studs with 2″ brad nails. There was a lot of measuring involved, especially around the outlet and internet boxes. Once the boards were all in place, I filled the nail holes with putty, sanded them when dry, and taped the area for painting.

First Coat

I took a drawer piece up to Sherwin Williams for color matching. I was very impressed with the accuracy of the color. We painted the wall using a crevice brush for all the joints and a roller brush for the flat surfaces. The wall required three coats.

The next pieces were the rug and floating shelves. After much searching, I chose a rug found on Amazon that closely resembled the rug from the inspiration picture. With the black rug and a fawn pug in the house, I can see lots of vacuuming in my future!

For the floating shelves, we followed some plans from another Pinterest blog. The floating shelves required a cleat to be attached to wall studs using heavy duty screws. My husband then built boxes to fit around the cleats.

From this point on, we are waiting for the desktop butcher block pieces to arrive. They are schedule to be delivered in a couple days from this post. Stay tuned to see the ‘after’ picture once we get the desktop pieces in place and legs attached!

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