Front Porch Face Lift: Part 3

Finished Planter Boxes

The third installment of our front porch make over is the addition of the planter boxes. These boxes are tall and really eye catching. This was another plan found on Pinterest, and the style follows the same color scheme as the bench and number sign from the previous posts.

Cedar Fence Pickets

The plan instructions were very good. We doubled the supplies because we knew we wanted two planters, one for each side of the bench.

So Many Cuts!

We first had to cut all of the slats down to size and with the correct angle (8.5). This was a slow process but once we had five levels with 8 pieces for each level, we could then move on to nailing the boards together to make boxes.

Gluing and Nailing

As per the instructions, we glued and brad nailed the boards from one level together to create this square box.

One Finished Level Box

We did this step with each level until we had all of the levels constructed. We stacked them in order of size (smallest on the bottom) to make sure they all lined up correctly.

Stacked Boxes

Each side had one corner with seams and one corner without seams. This part is important to remember for the next part when adding the border pieces.

The border pieces had to be cut to width with a table saw. I then spray painted all of the border slats black to match with the style of the bench and number sign. When the slats were dry, we applied wood glue, and brad nailed each border. As the instructions say, the 2 inch slats were to cover the seam corners, and the 1.5 inch slats were to cover the non-seam corners. These instructions are all very detailed in the project plans linked at the top of this post. We followed her plans, and the planters really began to take shape!

No Fingers Were Injured Here!

This picture is misleading in a way. My husband’s fingers were not immediately behind the nail gun during the actual nailing. I asked him to pose while I snapped a picture, but he didn’t want the board to slip out of place. Never fear! No fingers were injured.

Almost Finished

The final step was to add the braces on the inside to hold the flower pots and to affix the square top piece.

Finished Product

The plans called for a square flower pot of 14 inches wide. During these times of Covid, those sized pots were nowhere to be found. Instead, we found 14 inch round pots. For the inside brackets, we lowered them and created a platform to hold the pots from the bottom instead of from the rim at the top. I actually prefer the round pots because I will be able to take them out if needed for replanting purposes.

Our Front Porch

Our three-part front porch face lift is now complete. The next improvements will be beam repainting and front door replacement in the near future. Stay tuned!

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