Front Porch Face Lift: Part 2

House Number Sign

Walking through Lowe’s one day, I saw these really cute and modern looking house numbers. I jumped on Pinterest to find plans for a sign to make so that I could have an excuse to buy them. The plan we found required very few supplies, and it was relatively cheap to make. Using shims, wood glue, our brad nailer, and some wood for the trim, we got to work. We put the shims together with wood glue, and then stained them in the same Minwax Golden Oak as the color of the bench. My husband cut the border pieces to the correct angle and length, and then I spray painted those black. Once everything was dry, we put the pieces together. We did change the plans a bit by mounting the entire sign on a piece of thin wood backing. We were worried that our brad nails would come straight through the thin wood trim, so the backing helped avoid that. The numbers were the final pieces to add, along with the picture wire.

Matching the Bench

Once we made our bench, I knew I wanted to have some other things on the front porch to coordinate with it. This house number sign was the second of three ideas I had for the space.

The Front Porch Space

Off to the far right, you can see the house number sign. We still have a ways to go with this space. The front door is very faded, along with the beams. We are considering a completely new front door and painting the beams instead of staining them. I also may want to build a little something for the empty space under the house number sign, but there are no plans for that yet. The next post will highlight the plans we used for the planters!

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