Front Porch Face Lift: Part 1

Front Porch Bench

At our old house, we had no livable front porch space. When we moved into our new house, we had enough room for a seating area. I was excited about it, but not excited for the prices of patio furniture during the summer months. We decided to look on Pinterest to see what styles we could find that didn’t look too difficult to make. We came across this bench plan and gave it a try.

The Very Beginning

We started with getting all of the supplies and building the back of the bench first. We used pine for this project. My husband used his Kreg pocket hole jig a ton on this bench. It really is a must-have to make this. We also ran through the wood glue as well.

Designing the Back

We followed the plans, and the design of the back really started to come together. There was a lot of measuring and cutting in order for this to look good.

Completed Back Design

The vertical pieces were easy to measure and cut. The diagonal pieces took a little bit more patience. We would cut a piece of wood to the 45 degree angle and lay it in the desired spot. Once we were sure of the spacing of the wood, we would mark where to cut to size. We did this board by board until all pieces were in place. Next, we had to create all of the pocket holes and screw the pieces together.

The Base of the Seat

We then began to work on the base of the seat. This part came together rather quickly, and before we knew it, we were ready to attach it to the back piece.

Coming Together!

So we now have the back, the arms, and the seat base that all need to be screwed together. This was kind of an awkward step due to the weight of each piece. Luckily, we had our workout bench to assist me in holding the pieces in place while my husband screwed them all together.

Seat Slats Installed

The final step to building it was to add the seat slats. This part was easy as we laid them in place, made sure the spacing was perfect, and then screwed them down.

A Quick Rest

What I really like about this bench is the size. It is huge! Our family of four can sit on it comfortably together (without the kids fighting for elbow room). I can even take a quick nap on it before the staining and painting began.

Staining Gone Wrong

My grand plan was to stain the bench with two different colors. Why I chose to do this after it was all put together is beyond me. After I finished staining, I hated it. It did not turn out the way I wanted it to, and I knew I had just made a big mistake. I resolved myself to the fact that I would have to paint the whole bench black and forget the two-toned idea. I purchased some Rustoleum enamel paint in black to fix my mistake. I decided to paint just the dark part black and leave the lighter wood stain (Minwax Golden Oak) to see if I liked that any more.

Paint to the rescue

I ended up loving the black paint paired with the golden stain. This was the look I was going for! I did two coats of the black paint and once dry, we carried the bench to its new place on the front porch.

Enjoying Our Bench

We love the way it turned out. We did have to augment the plans a bit to stabilize the legs more. We added an extra piece of wood to each leg so that the bench did not feel wobbly. It worked perfectly. Our bench is a great addition to the look of our front porch. In my next two posts, I will highlight the planter boxes and our new house number sign. Thanks for reading!

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