Laundry Room Table

Finished Table Top

I have always preferred to fold laundry on a large, flat surface. At our old house, my husband made a cascading table for me that attached to one wall. Our laundry room was much bigger at the other house, so we had space for a bigger table. It was cumbersome and had issues where the two boards met. Needless to say, it did not survive the move. When we moved in to this house, it was apparent the laundry space was much smaller, but could accommodate a much more efficient table top between the walls.

This was definitely on my priority list of projects because the chore of laundry just never ends! It was a quick and easy update. After measuring the table top space about five times to be sure, we headed off to Lowe’s to pick out the wood. We chose to go with a 3/4″ MDF sheet that we had cut down to size at Lowe’s.

3/4″ MDF Board

I chose not to prime this board. We will see how the paint holds up over time.

I placed the table top onto our saw horses and began to paint from the exact same can I used for the original table we had in the old house. I couldn’t believe it, but I had enough paint to do three coats. The paint I used was “Rushing Stream.” It is a Valspar Signature color in interior eggshell. I let it dry overnight. Then it was time to create the brackets for the wall.

Installing the brackets

This room was way easier for a table installation because of the wall cut out for the washer and dryer. My husband used 2x2s for the wall brackets that he cut down to size using our miter saw. He drilled those brackets directly into studs using three inch wood screws. The MDF board is quite heavy, so being installed into studs is absolutely necessary.

*Old Table From Previous House*

Here is a shot of our old table. It was a cascading table with only one side attached to the wall. It was a pain to make and maintain because of the joint where the boards met. Any time we needed to access the back of the machines, we would need to remove the table which would cause stress on that joint. We loved the table, but it was time for that design to be retired.

The table top was a bit tricky getting into place because of the door frames. We created a bit of damage on the garage door frame trying to get the table onto the brackets, but it was minor and fixable. We are super happy with the end result. Now I can fold all the laundry in one place, and the room has a bright, happy appearance.

Supply List

  • 3/4″ MDF sheet cut to size
  • 3″ wood screws
  • pine 2x2x8 for brackets
  • Paint and roller brush

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