The Princess Suite

Home Project #2

Purple With a Side of Triangles

Our three-year-old daughter’s new room also had the bad beige paint that was over a decade old. It needed help and fast. Once we finished with our son’s room, hers was next to be remodeled. I sat looking on Pinterest for days getting new ideas for our home. The design I chose was from another blogger, I just loved the variety of colors in this geometric, accent wall. The very first step for this room was to paint the ceiling with the same white paint I used in my son’s room. We took extra care with covering the new carpet. I think we went through at least five plastic drop cloths for each room.

Getting ready to paint the ceiling

Upon completion of the ceiling, we filled any holes in the walls with spackling and sanded them smooth. I taped a line of brown paper up against the baseboards to protect the carpet immediately under the accent wall. I also taped off the baseboards and removed the outlet covers. I started on the accent wall with two coats of “Bistro White.”

Base coat in Bistro White

Once dried, I taped the triangle lines. This wasn’t too difficult. I eyed the straight lines instead of using a laser level. This is normally my method, which can at times be problematic. I did have to pull up a few lines here and there if I saw they were not exactly straight. I used blue painter’s tape. I personally have never used frog tape. I have heard that it works well, but the original designer of this wall commented on the fact that they used frog tape and still had lots of touch ups to do afterwards. I opted to stick with the tape I know well. Does it bleed? Yes, but I feel that most will. **Side note: my brother-in-law told me about a method where you paint the base coat (white), then tape, then paint the base coat again to allow that same color to bleed and then seal the tape in place. Supposedly, when you paint with the other colors, they won’t bleed under the tape. I have not personally tried this method, but I might try it next time I take on a wall like this.** This tape also did not stay on the wall very well. I found that I had to keep smoothing it down forcefully right before I painted.

Accent wall base coat

I picked out various shades of purple and gray from Lowe’s: Bistro White (Valspar), Ash Violet (Sherwin Williams), Latitude (SW), Serenade (SW), Purple Regalia (SW), and Sassy Lilac (Valspar). I ended up only get sample sizes of the Latitude, Serenade, Purple Regalia, and Sassy Lilac. I had just enough of these colors to finish two coats of the triangles. The Ash Violet color is the main color of the room. **Any time I paint, I wrap the paint brushes in foil when I’m finished. These brushes go into the refrigerator until I am sure I am completely done painting. This keeps the paint from drying out before you are ready to clean your brushes.**

Notice the sleepy pug in the foreground of the picture. This is Herschel. He’s a ten-year-old pug who enjoys hanging out with me while I paint.

After two coats of each shade, I immediately removed the tape. With past experiences, I have noticed that the longer you leave the tape on the wall, the more it can pull the paint off with it during removal. This process is always very satisfying, but also frustrating to see all of the bleeding that has occurred. This wall needed a ton of touch ups.

Tape Removal

My daughter loves the design. She squealed the first time she saw the triangles without the tape. We then painted the remaining walls with Ash Violet. It was a bit darker than I expected, but we are very happy with the final product.

Painting the other walls

Her bedding we brought from the old house was a bit too busy in pattern. I found a new solid color quilt set from Target that worked perfectly in her new space. We also got the white Pillowfort curtains with purple tassel trim. So cute!

Thank you to for the adorable design idea!

Supply List

  • Painter’s tape
  • Bistro White (Valspar)-ceiling and accent wall base coat
  • Variety of different shades (5) to paint the triangles
  • Level
  • Several paintbrushes
  • Drop cloths

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