Our Story

Hi! My name is Ashley, and I’m from Texas. I am a former public school teacher, currently staying at home raising my two young children. For the past three years, I have also taught English virtually to students in China. Yes, that means I wake up super early and am always tired. I also teach part-time at my daughter’s preschool during the Fall and Spring semesters. My husband Ryan and I recently sold our little house (pictured above) and bought a 12 year old home in the town where we grew up and met. We are very much “do it yourself” kind of people. Why pay someone a lot of money when I can do it myself and learn some new skills along the way?

I have always loved updating my home spaces. I took an interior design class in high school. I experimented with some painting of rooms in my parents’ home when I was in college. It didn’t turn out that great, but hey, I was learning. Since then, my husband of ten years and I have owned three different homes and done countless updates. We have tiled, woodworked, painted, stained, and spackled our way through some challenging projects. As a teacher, I love the learning aspect of DIY. I find a design I love, consult with my husband on whether or not he thinks we can handle it, and then jump in feet first despite what his answer may be. The skills we learn along the way are forever ours to use, and the memories we make together during the projects are priceless to us.

This blog will be a place to show off our new skills, ideas, and DIY successes and possible failures. Thanks for reading!

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